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Jan 25, 2013 8:00pm EST
to elizabeth katie stanton to martin luther king by a stubborn adherence to the notion that we are all created equal and we deserve nothing less than than a great republican worthy of our consent. the theme of this year's inauguration is face in america's future. the per fengt embodiment of this unshakable confidence in the ongoing success of our collective journey is an event from our past. i speak of the improbable completion of the capitol dome, and capping it with a statute of freedom which occurred 150 years ago in 1863. when abraham lincoln took office two years earlier, the dome above us was a halt-built eye sore. conventional wisdom that it should be left unfinished until the war ended give the financial needs of the times. but to president lincoln, the half finished dome simple bollized the half divided nation. lincoln said, if people see the capitol going on, it is a sign we intend the union shall on. and so despite the conflict with which engulfed the nation and surrounded the city, the dome continued to rise. on december 2nd, 1862 within the statute of freedom, a woman was placed a
Jan 16, 2013 8:00pm EST
to honor the memory of martin luther king jr. but also in a tradition we hope will live on past this and not grow and be part of the inauguration regardless of who is in our position in four years. wednesday wrap-up on the mall there is one event on saturday evening. that's the children's concert a tradition started in 2009 by dr. biden and first lady michelle obama. it is an extension of their work that they have done through the forces initiativinitiativ e to help honor and support military families. this will take place at the convention center. we will be announcing details on talent in the next couple of days and put out an initial list of talent that will be appearing at either the on monday night and the kids concert or one of the other. as you can imagine this this isa legit stick a list to get that all pieced together is a puzzle and we hope by friday to be able to announce which acts will be appearing in which places. over half of the audience will be made up of military kids and this is a great place to honor the sacrifice not just of the men and women deserve every d
Jan 22, 2013 8:00pm EST
of the age. at end of story. during that are martin luther king weekend several years ago, they were conducting an interview with reverend billy kyles and many of them knows that dr. king when he died on the balcony of the hotel. the interviewer asked how i would he be preaching we can and a story you've undoubtedly heard before, but dares repeating today. paul telling the story of robert louis stevenson in an 18th century author, once told hello boys had been sitting in front i fall, watching the street lamps. he will light the lamp of the torch and take it down and go to the next one and next on and his father walked in the room and said what are you looking out the window? what do you see out there that is so fascinating? the young stevenson said daddy, i'm watching that an author not close in the darkness. there is a lot of darkness in our world. it has to be a compassionate people. to be concerned for the marginalized, help us rediscover a vision for america that is so compelling that it unites us and calls us to realize the full potential of this country to be a shining city up
Jan 24, 2013 8:00pm EST
for working to stop this epidemic of violence. i will end with a quote from martin luther king. our lives begin to end the day we remain silent on things that matter to our future and our lives and our children matter. i will make this letter available to those that would like to see it. it is signed by families of seven of the people that were killed in colorado. this is a tough issue for all of us. there are constitutional implications all of this. but our responsibility as representatives and senators is to be advocates for the people that we represent. i know that the people of the denver area need to see a change. we do not want to trample on second amendment rights. we believe those rights exist. we have to do something about these mass killings with weapons that the military uses for that law enforcement uses and it is our responsibility. thank you for bringing this forward. thank you. [applause] >> morning. my name is elizabeth and i represent connecticut's fifth district. as a new member of congress that started as a pta mom, this was an unbelievably difficult situation to walk i
Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
announced he would not run again. four days after that political earthquake, dr. martin luther king was assassinated in memphis. washington and 100 other cities exploded in riots that lasted days and required tens of thousands of troops. in early june, a week after our oregon primary victory i got a 3:00 a.m. call from our building headquarters, robert kennedy was shot in los angeles. i called the boss. julie and david have been watching tv and already awakened him. that office for democratic party came across -- apart in chicago. and so it plans went in that dramatic and divisive year. at added sand, richard nixon was president of the united states. [applause] now consider, consider the city he came to end and the hostility he found here. the nation had been torn apart by a half a decade of assassinations and riots and campus anarchy. half a million soldiers were tied down in an endless war. the country was coming apart. richard nixon was the first president since sack retailer to take the oath of office with both houses of congress against him. the press corps was 90% hostile. the
Jan 15, 2013 8:00pm EST
the inauguration. president obama, and martin luther king jr. >> every weekend latest nonfiction authors and books are featured on booktv. you can see past programs and schedules our website and you can join in the conversation on social media sites. >> congress talked about avoiding the death sequester. congressman levin is the ranking member on house ways and means committee. is that this is sponsored by the christian science monitor. it is one hour. >> thank you for coming. i am david cote from the monitor. our guest this morning is representative sander levin of. he is a detroit native. he has a masters in international relations from harvard and was elected to the michigan state senate in 1964 and service the senate minority leader. under the current administration he was under the agency for international development and was elected to the house in 1980 to four years after his brother carl was elected to the senate. in march 2010, he won the battle of chairman of the ways and means committee. there is no embargo and breakfast is over except that c-span has agreed not to use video of the sess
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6